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Company Name: Hansteen Holdings PLC

Place of Registration: England and Wales

Registered Number: 05605371

Registered Office Address:

1st Floor, Pegasus House,
37-43 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DL

Telephone: +44 (0)207 408 7000
Fax: +44 (0)207 408 7001

VAT number 872 5613 11

Regional offices

How we generate shareholder value

Disciplined investment

We select our investments based on a thorough assessment of the opportunities in order to create a high yielding portfolio with potential to add value. Our balance sheet is strong and we remain committed to financing on a prudent basis.

Diverse portfolio

Our property portfolio is spread primarily across the UK with small investments in France and Belgium. We have more than 2,700 tenants from a wide range of business sectors, none of which accounts for more than 1.7% of the annual rent roll.

Industry expertise

Our people are at the centre of our success. We have 7 offices with experienced management teams across the UK. We work hard at creating the right relationships with our tenants and other stakeholders so that we are in the prime position to act when opportunities arise.

Dividend growth

Our board is committed to a prudently progressive dividend policy reflecting the strong and growing cash flow generated by the business. We have paid a covered dividend every year since the first dividend distribution in 2006 and during that period, the dividend has increased by 97%.