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Company Name: Hansteen Holdings PLC

Place of Registration: England and Wales

Registered Number: 05605371

Registered Office Address:

1st Floor, Pegasus House,
37-43 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DL

Telephone: +44 (0)207 408 7000
Fax: +44 (0)207 408 7001

VAT number 872 5613 11

Regional offices

Why work for Hansteen

Why work for us?

We value our employees

Strong relationships support a working culture where you will be trusted to get on with your role and encouraged to reach your full potential. We offer a competitive benefits package for all of our employees depending on location and role.

We offer everyone the opportunity to succeed

We are committed to all of our employees and have always supported their growth and nurtured their talent.

We strive to have an equal, diverse and inclusive workforce

We embrace diversity and provide an environment where every employee has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. It is one of our key tenets that people treat each other with dignity and respect.

We offer excellent career progression

Your career trajectory is entirely in your own hands. We have always promoted from within those who show the talent, commitment and potential to succeed. We recognise our staff for their hard work and dedication and will reward and develop where appropriate. We have also grown significantly since our launch in 2005 and now employ more than 55 people across the UK.

See what our people say about us

Asset Manager – North West

What attracted you to working at Hansteen?

I had observed the significant growth in the company during the early years of the recession. It appeared that the senior management team had been able to identify significant opportunities within the market to derive value whilst others were observing difficulties. During the recruitment process snippets of the company’s future plans were provided highlighting its commitment to rapid growth in the UK market. The ability to be a part of this growth from the outset was a major contributing factor when moving from my previous organisation with whom I had worked for over seven years.

What was the single factor that convinced you to work for us?

My interaction with senior members of the team made me fully aware of their ‘can do’ attitude; this ethos is disseminated across the asset management team, whereby each member of the team is able to make decisions affecting their own individual portfolios. This autonomy allows individual members to flourish within the close-knit teams, enabling decisions and progress to be made whilst developing individual performance across a number of key competencies.

What were your perceptions about Hansteen before you joined?

It was apparent that Hansteen was on the cusp of becoming leader in class. With the rapid expansion of the UK portfolio backed by successful performance across Europe, I was fully aware that the company was in a significant transitional stage, and the opportunity to join such a progressive and successful team from the outset was a fundamental driver in my decision-making process.

Have your initial perceptions changed, and how?

I believe that my perceptions have changed very little from my initial standpoint. However, I do believe that this sentiment is now observed by the wider property market. Hansteen has developed the ability to undertake significant transactions during the leanest times of the property market and deliver to shareholders and key stakeholders significant returns, whilst others where cutting back or reducing their activity in the hope that the market would bounce back.

Name one thing that makes you want to come into work in the morning?

The interaction with other team members creates a pleasant, fast-moving and highly-rewarding environment to work in. The highly-educated, motivated and driven team creates a friendly but focused atmosphere that is conducive to delivering results.

How does your experience differ from that of your university colleagues?

I believe the levels of autonomy given by the management team vary significantly from many of my peers. Even pre-qualification the autonomy that one is given is very attractive. Secondly this level of responsibility ensures employee retention and a willingness to go that extra mile when required. Post qualification many of my peers immediately looked for a change in job, company or even profession. However, due to the wide and varied nature of the asset manager role at Hansteen one’s interest is sustained; no two days are ever the same.

Management Accountant – London

What attracted you to working at Hansteen?

The role was more far reaching than others I was considering. It allowed me to use my experience and build upon my skills whilst giving me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in other areas of accounting I had not been exposed to. The role of fund accountant would allow me to gain knowledge of Jersey unit trusts, an area of accounting most management accountants would not be exposed to.

What was the single factor that convinced you to work for us?

The money, salary and benefits offered were more competitive than other employers at the time.

What were your perceptions about Hansteen before you joined?

I had not heard of Hansteen before joining and so did not have any preconceived ideas other than the company was a relatively small industrial real estate investment company.

Have your initial perceptions changed, and how?

Since I started the company has near enough doubled in size. The company is more dynamic than I expected. With a steady stream of large-scale acquisitions and disposals, there are always several projects on the go.

Name one thing that makes you want to come into work in the morning?

A relaxed working environment. Provided you are meeting deadlines and delivering a high standard of work, you are entrusted to manage your own work. The number of late nights is few and far between, allowing for a good work-life balance.

How does your experience differ from that of your university colleagues?

Hansteen encourages accountants to work closely with asset managers, visiting regional offices, attending management meetings, providing a greater understanding of operations at ground level. This is then reflected in accounts preparation. Working hours at Hansteen are fair. Friends, who work in companies where the culture is to work late into the evening, feel their quality of life outside work is greatly reduced.

Graduate Surveyor – Midlands

What attracted you to working at Hansteen?

Hansteen has a very good reputation within the property sector and working for such a company gives you huge exposure from day one to various experiences required to achieve the APC. Working as the client differs vastly from working for an agency, which most other fellow graduates pursued.

What was the single factor that convinced you to work for us?

It was clear that Hansteen had grown immensely over the past 18 months and had ambitious plans in the UK and further afield to grow even further. In the interviews it was clear these goals were very forward thinking and encouraged independence and responsibility. After gaining experience in other graduate positions at other companies in the broader sector, you can really notice the difference such a role gives you by taking on your own estates and budgets from the outset.

What were your perceptions about Hansteen before you joined?

My perception was that Hansteen was a niche propco, specialising predominantly in the industrial sector with a large presence throughout Europe. Although the name wasn’t particularly well known in Birmingham, it seemed the people who were in the sector held the company in very high regard and they were considered to be one of the best operators in their specific market.

Have your initial perceptions changed, and how?

My perceptions haven’t really changed. I believe Hansteen certainly is one of the best operators in a sector, competing with a number of other large competitors. It is a very specialist market and, I believe, Hansteen has some very experienced, highly-skilled individuals, who have unrivalled knowledge in the market. Speaking to people in the sector really enforces your view of the company and the fact that they are viewed very highly by peers.

Name one thing that makes you want to come into work in the morning?

Getting deals done. There is a focus on achieving deals and taking credit for your hard work when a deal comes off.

How does your experience differ from your university colleagues?

In comparison to my colleagues I feel my role as asset manager is unique. It is a very enjoyable role, which gives me much more control and power to make my own decisions than my fellow graduates at other large agencies or other property companies. I’m in the centre of the decision-making process; communicating with everyone from planners to property managers, accountants and sub-contractors. This gives me exposure over and above similar graduate positions at other large companies in the market.