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Company Name: Hansteen Holdings PLC

Place of Registration: England and Wales

Registered Number: 05605371

Registered Office Address:

1st Floor, Pegasus House,
37-43 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DL

Telephone: +44 (0)207 408 7000
Fax: +44 (0)207 408 7001

VAT number 872 5613 11

Regional offices

Our governance

We believe that good governance is based on effective communication, risk assessment and transparency. Communicating with our shareholders is key. The Executive Directors regularly meet with institutional shareholders and analysts. Private investors are also encouraged to meet with the Board and to participate in the Annual General Meeting.

Governance Report - Extract from the Report and Accounts for the Year Ended 31.12.2016

Chairman's corporate governance statement for the Year Ended 31 December 2016


As Chairman, I am responsible for the Hansteen’s Corporate Governance Framework. During the year we achieved and maintained high standards of Corporate Governance under this framework and we will continue to adapt as necessary during 2017.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that all our people do things in the right way by setting the tone from the top and by creating a culture in which doing the right thing is integral to the way Hansteen operates. Everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define our character and culture. These enduring qualities are a fundamental strength of our business and we bring all of them to our professional and personal conduct:

  • Trust – we are honest, open and direct in our dealings;
  • Entrepreneurship – we forge opportunities by considering investment prospects from multiple angles;
  • Teamwork – our people are at the heart of our success; and
  • Excellence – we strive for excellence in everything we do.

An externally facilitated evaluation of the Board and Committees was conducted during the year and I am pleased to confirm that they were found to be working well with no major concerns or systemic issues being identified.  Following the Board evaluation, I remain satisfied that the performance of all the Directors proposed for re-election continues to be effective and that each Director demonstrates commitment to their role.

This Corporate Governance Statement describes the Group’s Corporate Governance Framework in the context of Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability, Remuneration and Relations with Shareholders.  Details are also provided on the extent of the Company’s compliance with the relevant provisions UK Corporate Governance Code and the ways its principles have been applied.

Melvyn Egglenton


19 March 2017